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Dry Chemical Suppression

The ATEX Dry Chemical-based Advanced Suppression System is a multi-purpose, high-efficiency suppressor, discharging non-toxic flame-extinguishing powder into the protected plant using fast-acting non-explosively actuated valves.

The gas generators activate the suppression bottles in the event of an explosion. A specially developed, reusable leaf valve ensures that the bottles are opened quickly. The extinguishing powder is suddenly introduced into the developing explosion cloud, acting specifically on the explosion flame. The flames are prevented from spreading. Once having been triggered, the valve can easily be replaced, allowing the entire system to be activated again within a very short time. This avoids long shutdown time for your plant.

Safe to use, thanks to encapsulation of the trigger mechanism
Total control through electronic addressability
No expensive blasting agents requiring extensive maintenance are required
Fast restoration through a reusable valve
User-friendly replacement system
A push-in connection of the cabling (Plug and Play connection)
More safety when mounting or modifying the bottles through manual locking mechanisms
Fast, economical refilling.

ATEX Dry Chemical Suppressors provided in 4, 20 and 35 Liter sizes store the Dry Chemical and are super pressurized to 900 psi with Dry Nitrogen. The ATEX System is the only System to be independently certified to meet the ANSI SIS SIL Level 2 requirements. In short, if a device cannot be supervised for functionality it must be of redundant supply. For instance, Gas Generators cannot be definition be fully supervised so SIS requires redundancy and ATEX has complied with redundant Gas Generator on all suppressors.

The ATEX Detection and Control System provide the most user-friendly and powerful diagnostic tool in the industry. The ATEX Decentralized Modular System allows for ultimate flexibility. Expansion does not require the redesign of the system.

ATEX PXD Sensors continually monitor the process for overpressure developments on dynamic and static bases. In addition, a heartbeat signal is continually monitored to ensure the reliability of the device. Through sophisticated exclusive algorithms, ATEX sensors can filter out most electrical spikes and variances that would normally cause false activations with analog sensors. The last four real-time alarm curves for each PXD Sensor are stored for review and analysis. Only with the curves from both sensors on an independent basis can detection signals be evaluated and compared for a proper response. Besides Control Unit Diagnostic LED’s for each sensor, they can be individually interrogated on command for settings, real-time pressure, and sensor history.

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